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Name/Handle: Linden
Contact: Plurk: ThorinII email: Discord: drunkleardyn111#1019
Reference: N/A
Other characters: Ardyn Izunia

Character name: Worf
Character journal: [personal profile] sonof_mogh
Series name: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Canon notes: During Series 5

Species: Klingon




"I am a Klingon warrior and a Starfleet officer; I have piloted starships through Dominion minefields; I have stood in battle against Kelvans twice my size; I have courted and won the heart of the magnificent Jadzia Dax! If I can do these things, I can make this child go to sleep!"

Worf is a proud and very honourable man, due to his heritage as being a true Klingon warrior. He is a member of Starfleet and takes his responsibilities as an officer very seriously and never shirks from a battle or decision. He is confident, bordering on arrogant at times, often noted by the other officers he works alongside with. Worf is the kind of man that would back you up in a fight and would go as far as to give his life and die in battle, since it's an honourable thing to do as a Klingon warrior.

""If you were any other man, I would kill you where you stand!"

Worf is the kind of guy to spend a lot of time alone. This can be noted during his time aboard Deep Space Nine. After spending some time aboard the station living alongside everyone else, he decided to live alone aboard the docked shipped; the USS Defiant. He sought out solitude because as the only Klingon officer aboard the station, he often felt like an outsider. His traditions and beliefs often didn't fit in with some of the other non-Klingon station residents. Aboard his time aboard the Defiant, Worf would practice his martial arts and hone his abilities as a warrior.

"Our women are considered our partners in battle. Formidable warriors."

As well as being a fierce warrior, Worf is also a very kind and caring individual when the need arises. During his time aboard the Enterprise D as Security Chief, Worf brought up his son, Alexander, for a brief time. He aimed to teach Alexander what it is to be "Klingon." Worf wanted to craft his son into the warrior that all boys become once they reach the age of thirteen; The Right of Ascension. Yet, he did not do this without the care of a father and worried when Alexander decided that he didn't want to become a warrior. In the end he respected his son's decision and was happy that he was mature enough to make his own decision in life. Another time Worf showed some compassion was when he fell in love with Jadzia Dax on board Deep Space Nine. She became his Par'Mach'Kai, meaning his fiancée in human terms. This shows that Worf has a heart under the fierce demeanour.

""Look at you! You stand so far away from me. You speak so softly. Are you afraid of me, or just disgusted by my presence?"

Worf has a strong sense of camaraderie aboard both the Enterprise D and Deep Space Nine. He is a valued member of Starfleet and is loyal to the last. During missions he is often the first one to rush into battle to defend his crew mates and friends. After a mission, he is often seen at Quark's bar having a drink of prune juice, his favourite drink, amongst friends like Miles O' Brian and Doctor Bashir. Worf isn't the best talker, so likes to keep things short and sweet. He's more of an action guy, so getting him to talk sometimes is like prying blood out of a stone. He's good at bottling up his emotions when angry and can often take things out on a enemy or two on the Holodecks. It's just his way, being the tough Klingon warrior and tough man attitude he always carries around with him.

"I am KLINGON! If you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged!"

Worf's weakness is probably his fear of not being able to fight and be active as any Klingon warrior should. During serving aboard the Enterprise D, Worf and crew were struck down with an alien virus which caused everyone to hallucinate or feel depressed. Worf began feeling intense fear, which no Klingon warrior should, and this fear drove himself to suicidal thoughts. He just could not cope with feeling weak. Weakness is for cowards in his eyes and sometimes he needs the help of his human friends to see through the bull-headedness of being a warrior. Worf is able to adapt to many situations thrown at him but certain situations such as being thrown into a new environment can cause him to become disorientated and lost. He likes to keep things in order and have a structure to his everyday routine. His quarters are always clean and tidy if anyone visited Worf's private space. A healthy mind and body he always believes is a warrior's greatest asset.


- Excels at hand-to-hand combat
- Good commander and leader
- Starfleet training gives him an edge over his enemies
- Klingon weapon training in bladed weapons
- A good tactician and with security skills (Since serving aboard the USS Enterprise D as Security Chief and Tactical officer in DS9)
- A good father since Worf brought up Alexander, his son, aboard the Enterprise. He also managed to calm down Miles and Keiko's son when he was crying.

Augment Skillset: Security




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