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Who: Sam + open
Broadcast: n/a
Action: Iskaulit & Starstruck
When: 9/23

It's not exactly a day to celebrate, not with the recent events amongst the Fleet - not when they can still see the ruined planet whenever they look outside - but Sam can't really let the day pass totally unnoticed.

That doesn't mean he brings it up to anyone, though.

Instead, he sits at the Space Bar and nurses his way through several rounds of drinks. If someone comes to join him, he'll probably buy them a round or two.

And eventually, he takes a bottle of something back to the Starstruck with him. Steve might've checked himself out of the clinic already, but if he knows Peggy, she'll have him on enforced bedrest if it means she has to sit on him herself. He isn't quite steady as he grabs a pair of glasses from the kitchen and makes his way to Steve and Peggy's cabin, but he's not totally shitfaced, just...a little wobbly.
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Who: Cyril Lavellan
Broadcast: Fleetwide (accidentally)
Action: Wonderduck
When: After the Shuffle


Cyril's welcome to the Fleet was wrought with the despair of losing a planet and the people left on it. He can tell that things are tense even though he's new. This means that he needs to deal with the sudden appearance of information in his mind while also navigating the grief of others. It's a very strange welcome for many reasons.

He isn't sure what he thinks of this place. There's so much he has to take in right away. He has to deal with learning about space travel, different worlds, and technology so far outside of anything that could be found on Thedas. He's impossibly curious about it all, but because of the lingering feeling around the Fleet he isn't sure if now is the time to ask questions.

Instead, he focuses on getting settled. When he was brought here he had on the clothes he wore around High Town, a nice tunic and pants - as well as a prosthetic that was a hand carved out of polished wood rather than any of his functioning ones. He'd have to see about rebuilding something that would be of use when he was piloting. The fake hand was very well crafted and designed to put people at ease, but it didn't let him grip anything easily. However, that could come later - along with all of his questions.


[Cyril doesn't seem to realize that he's accidentally started a broadcast. He is closed up in his new room and he had meant to try to get his Sending Crystal to work, but instead it is useless in his hand. The Fleet, however, seems to think that this means he's okay with his message being brought to people here instead. After all, the person he's trying to contact is one of them - even if not in the way that Cyril thinks.]

I don't think this is working, but just in case -- [He turns the crystal over in his hand, examining it as if he can will it to start working. He's alone in this room so he has removed the fake arm, comfortable without the weight of it when he thinks he doesn't have people around to gawk at him for missing a limb.] Just in case you can hear me...

I'm well. I'm in one piece - well, excepting the part we already knew was missing. [It's a joke, and he manages to make his voice casual and even smile a bit as he says it.] Please don't worry, my friend. I'll find a way back home.

I'm surrounded by friendly people. Including.... an enchanted clock? I wish you were here. It would be fun to disparage the character of a mage who puts a man's consciousness into a clock.

[Another joke, and another pause.] Please don't leave Tevinter. What you are Maevaris are doing is vital. If you can hear me, get a message to Leliana instead and know that I'm well and working on returning...
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Who: Gil + OPEN. Gil + Tyrion. Gil + Dorian.
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: SS Iskaulit - Málum
When: Forward dated to a few days after the planet's destruction.


I think I need a distraction. Poker in Málum?


People seemed interested in playing poker before a planet was evaporated, and now, to Gil, it seemed important to offer a place to decompress and process. Poker was a good way to bond and remind yourself that you were alive. They could also use this game to plan for future poker nights - because they indeed had a future.

He left the invitation open and then found a table in Málum to relax a nurse a couple beers. Anyone could join the game at any time while he was there, and maybe even after if anyone else had a pack of cards.


He had met Tyrion after the engines had failed. They had been two engineers working together frantically to save as many as possible. That sort of mad dash work leaves an impression, and Gil figures they both could use a drink. A lot of drinks actually.

He sends a private invitation to Tyrion, telling him he'll pay for the first round, and that's how he ends up in the bar again. This time he keeps looking over to the enterance see if Tyrion has arrived.


Gil had promised Dorian a drink as soon as they could and so once he has that moment he contacts Dorian and offers to meet in the bar. He honestly feels less nervous about meeting Dorian that he had seeing Tyrion again. With Dorian there was attraction and flirting and there was something intrinsically comforting there. The idea of having the attention of a beautiful man was enough to make a person feel alive - even when faced with so much destruction.
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Hi, Flooters! Activity check is going to start on 9/29, so please make sure that your characters' activity requirements are listed next to their names on the September AC spreadsheet.

As a reminder, Upgrades are completely optional, but we'll be processing any and all orders at the end of the month. Thank you!
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Who: Lance and you
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Blameless
When: Shortly post planet go boom


[The vast majority of people here know Lance as constantly loud, boisterous, all smiles even in the face of bad news. Constantly flitting from person to person, acting as a sort of giant team cheerleader. But this Lance? He looks small and tired. If you squint, you can see a little tremble passing through his body. He can't even muster up one of his trademark smiles right now.]

So that's it, huh? That' That's all we could do.

[Action - Blameless]

[Lance knows he can't just lay here in his room and mope. People need him, he could still help. It's his role to comfort people and to keep their spirits up. He should be doing that, and helping with first aid anyone who got injured. He should, but he can't move from his bed right now. All the fear of this situation is finally settling in--no, it's more like a truck hitting him at full speed.

He's spent all this time helping everyone he can, distracting them, in a way distracting himself, and it's only now after it's all over that he realizes how terrified he's been all along. And especially now, with the dead remains of a planet floating right outside his window... And Looma...

You're useless without your lion and Voltron. Part of him knows that it isn't true; he'd helped some others through the month and he evacuated as many people as he can, but his fear is leaving him hyperfocused on those he couldn't save.]
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Enjoying cider and the fall colors.
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Not too good at cooking. Yet.
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Who: Bloodsport crew
Broadcast: nope
Action: Guess where
When: 22nd onwards

[Even in the midst of this, we still have new crew shuffled in.  Nice to see the Atroma are all business as usual, right?  Welcoming Kaname to a pretty miserable ship, all things considered. :|]
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: private to Hunk
Action: Evac station
When: 22nd, just after the planet goes kaboom

Action - Evac Station

[Shay is on the station when the meteor strikes, helping out whoever she can with her limited medical abilities. While the most she can do is clean up blood and put on bandages, she's determined to do her part and help these people.

The horror and sorrow of the newly made refugees resonates with her in a way that she wishes she didn't feel. She too knows the fear of losing her home, but they had been lucky, and her planet had been saved when it seemed all hope was lost. These people though...they don't have that. There's nothing she can do but try to patch up wounds.

Her hands shake as she tries to continue, but the overwhelming feeling of panic rises in her chest until she can't stand it any longer. Shay mutters an apology and excuses herself, trying to find somewhere quiet. She doesn't handle panic well, and ends up on her own in a dark room, trying to muffle her shuddering sobs.]

Locked to Hunk - Audio

[Shay's voice is thick with tears and shaking as she speaks. She's panicking and scared, and she doesn't know what to do.] Um...H-Hunk? Are...are you there?
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[All transportation has ceased, all shuttles and spacecraft have been called back stationside. There is no more time. The meteor is no longer simply lingering in the stars - it’s here.

The impact is high-speed. Heavy. Intense. It plows into the atmosphere like it’s nothing, crashes into the eastern coast of the mainland, covers the entirety of it and far, far into the ocean as well. The planet gives, a massive crater forming and growing as the meteor pushes deeper and deeper, earth and ocean building upward, cresting, and spilling outward like waves amidst sulfur and dust. Splinters from the meteor fly off, littering the rest of the surface with impacts still massive and catastrophic on their own, let alone in such a steady shower as this. And from the depths of the planet rises the molten rock, the magma and the liquid metal, spilling outward and out of control, billowing smoke and ash into the air and adding yet another level to the chaos and destruction of the end of this planet.

All too quickly, the planet is nothing more than molten rock and ash amidst a sea of lava. There is no way anything left behind could have possibly survived.

It’s over, after both forever and just an instant. Nothing living remains, only a ringed black-and-red sphere where once there was a beautiful blue-and-green marble of a planet. It’s silent now. Very, very silent. The void of space has never seemed so empty.

The survivors on the ship - of which there are many, certainly the vast majority, thanks to everyone’s efforts - are quiet as well. There will be much mourning in the days to come, rituals and memorials and anything to wish their planet well now that it’s gone. Perhaps its soul has gone to their dreaming afterlife just like any of them. Maybe one day they’ll meet it again. Maybe… such things are difficult to foretell.

For now, all anyone can do is wait. Hope. Comfort. Talk about a future that’s foreboding and intimidating, where the only certainty is how completely uncertain it is. But… at least they have a future. They live to see another day, and hopefully another home, somewhere, someday.]

((OOC: As of this post, we have impact. The planet is no more. The population on the space station and anything brought with them are all that remains of life from Lyuku. If you have any questions, we ask that you direct them to our last OOC information post. If you would like to use this space as an IC mingle, you are more than welcome to.

Thank you, dear drift fleet - for saving an entire civilization, helping wherever you possibly could, and heeding a dying singing planet's wishes to carry her dear people to safety. ♥ Your heroism, no matter how much it cost, will never, ever be forgotten by these people. ))
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Who: Sam, and you, and anyone; tis a mingle of sorts.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: SS Bloodsport, if you wanna find him.
When: After the planet is struck - Sept 22nd.

Note: Feel free to tag each other and inform everyone of whatever you need to, post-planetary explosion! I'll tag here and there, but consider it more of a mingle for people to touch bases about casualities and making sure people know they're okay (or if someone's injured.)

[Sam sits, triumphant in their mission but also defeated in spirit. Because yeah, they got the ship off the planet, and there's a whole civilization of people who get out of there... but he also is already too aware there is at least one fatality on their end already. Looma's last broadcast had been expected, especially after she'd sent him a warning beacon as the meteor pressed down into the planet's atmosphere, speeding, ready to smash the thing to pieces without effort.

Looma at least faced her death as one would expect, for her people. He imagines they would be proud.

Still, he sounds deflated at the thought, as he speaks a more leveled and straightforward response:]

... We've lost Captain Looma, of the SS Bishop. Umm... for what it's worth, she did it on her terms. I'm sorry.

[He's carried out the task of divvying up the blood from the blood drive, in case anyone from any particular ship needs it; there've been some injuries from shrapnel and citizen unrest, he's pretty sure. That's about all he can do, now, other than check in on the gardens... make sure Fie's work is continued alongside her, because it's important to keep those plants alive and thriving.

He slumps a little in weariness, sighing at his desk where he sits on the SS Bloodsport.]

... Role call?

Who's, um. Who's missing?

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Hullo everyone! This is Mel, current mun of the Russian gold medalist Victor Nikiforov ([personal profile] goldkiss) and the unflappable Bioware engineer Gil Brodie ([personal profile] mongoosecrow) deciding that right in the middle of all this fun I should bring a Dalish elf to the party.

So here is Cyril Lavellan. He's the customizable protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition... because apparently we need more Bioware characters and I just thought it would be super cool to play two of them.

Cyril is post-Trespasser DLC which means that he is basically a walking spoiler. Trespasser has been out long enough that I'm not too worried about spoilers but if you are in the middle of playing it and/or planning to play it and don't want to be spoiled let me know and I will have him avoid your character at all costs because spoilers are unavoidable at this time. (But hey you can play with my other two?)

Anyway, this is his face:

axi: <user name="axiality"> (hello there)

Pictured: Walkure, not West Side

Hey guys, Babs here bringing character number two. This is Kaname Buccaneer from the anime Macross Delta. Macross is a franchise based around space travel, aliens, idol singers ending giant conflicts, and love triangles. This girl is from the end of her respective series.

A little about her now. She's the 22 year old leader/former lead singer of the group Walküre. They use their special voices (it's complicated) to cure and prevent outbreaks of the Var... which is kinda space rabies. She's also immune to it. Her voice has been shown to resonate with her groupmates across long distances and react with certain ancient ruins. Conditions also allow her to be resistant to certain types of mind control.

It's convoluted anime space science, but none of it should really come up here, so don't worry too much about it. Kaname'll be personnel on the Bloodsport, and she will sing often enough, even if she's flying solo at the moment. Here's a sample if anyone's interested.

As always, my contact info's on the list, and you can reach out to me for anything if you need to. I'm really looking forward to playing her here!
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Cyril Lavellan → SS Wonderduck
Kaname Buccaneer → SS Bloodsport

Parker -x- SS Bishop

Remy LeBeau = SS Wonderduck → SS Twin Roses
Serah Farron = SS Red Fish → SS Blue Fish



Current Crew Roster
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[ Just tried coffee. Looks pretty disgusted. ]
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[ aka mun is rereading old comics and talk about the biggest wasted oppourtinity ever eff you dc! ]

Just... how bored are you?
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He doesn't bite, just all hiss.
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We do this over and over.
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