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Really missing the OG Team Arrow.
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Sometimes I miss everything being simple...
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Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: The Paisley
When: Right this very minute, until the shuffle happens

[She wakes up all at once, disoriented, because this isn't her familiar bunk on the Windrose, and the comfortable, warm weights of Jellybean and Officer Snuggles are missing. It also, thank fuck, doesn't look like any place she knows in Proles. Wrath staggers around the room for a circuit, tries the door, oh shit it's locked, and--

It takes a second for her never-quite-the-same memory to identify where the hell she's ended up: she's on the Marsiva.


It's a little disquieting, because everything is arranged exactly how she remembered before. But she knows what's going on this time, right?


And just as she's gathering her thoughts to try to speak coherently for a broadcast... BANG. A little spray of confetti--she remembers this part, kind of--and she's on the bridge of a ship, but it's not her ship, and she's even more confused. She whips around, trying to figure out where the hell she even is.]

...what the fuck is even going on?

[She is still so very, very confused.]

Um. Hi everyone! It's me. Wrath. First officer of the Windrose.

[This is dumb. Everyone already knows who you are, Wrath.]

I mean. You know that already. But. Um. Does anyone know why I was on the Marsiva and then... still not on my ship? Did I get my ass killed or something?

Um. And Captain Vision, sorry. For whatever I did to end up here. I didn't mean it. Unless I did mean it at the time, and then I'm just really, really sorry and I'll be even sorrier as soon as I can remember.
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Additional Notes:
  • We're looking for mod helpers! You can check out the details here. If you have a little time, please consider tossing in an application.
  • Some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

    Wrath → SS Paisley





    Current Crew Roster
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    These Captain America videos are lame.
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    Steve! We have an undercover mission!
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    So... who missed me?

    And yes, I have been working out, thanks for noticing. Guess slipping the animators that extra five bucks really helped.
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    Hey there Mun-person.
    So you took the plunge huh? While I appreciate it and think this could be an interesting experience for us both, you'd kidnap me from important stuff. So I'm not all that pleased with ypou, but what can I do? I hope we'll run into some people I know and you'll let me do what I'm good at. That said... maybe it wouldn't have hurt if you brushed up a little more on the show before jumping into this. But let's see what this take us then, shall we?

    Wyatt Halliwell
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    Have you ever gotten lost inside a warehouse store and thought, ‘wow, this feels like a whole city’? Prepare for Space Costco, Planet Edition.

    get the details! )
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    I'm never traveling in time again. 
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    Caught Bollywood-dancing. "It's good exercise!"
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    That really hit where it hurts..
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    Ten years. Such a long time.

    [ re: the new movie ]
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    So, you've decided that adding me to your senseless menagerie is amusing and a good way to pass the time. There's no proper ale or bed here. Not even a fucking vampire to slay. Yet, here we are. Wasting time. As you sit there debating if you're going to shove me into this game that you're being "enabled" into.

    [ Trevor sighs and crosses his arms. ]

    Just... leave me out of it. We've got a year till the next season, so, just let me be. Or give me a fucking bed and I might consider this "application" you'll be writing.

    Not that you're listening anyways.
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    [Enjoying busking this jaunty little number.]
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    I'm the best drone racer ever.
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    Who: Jill Valentine
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Heron + Iskaulit
    When: July 18th onward

    Hey, two questions.

    Are there cameras in the bathrooms? And does anyone know a good place to start growing plants? If you have somewhere, I will gladly exchange piano lessons, fighting (and weaponry) assessment and suggestions, or some sort of favor (within reason). I'm afraid I don't really have much in way of cash right now.

    Last but not least (not a question), if anyone would care to buddy up for a little good ol' fashioned exploring, then I'm your gal.

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    Who: Gil and OPEN
    Broadcast: Network-wide
    Action: On the Blameless for in-person interaction
    When: Nowish

    [When Gil appears on the network he has a deck of cards that he's shuffling as he speaks. The way he handles them shows that he's very comfortable with them, the movement of his hand almost fluid.]

    You know what's a great game? Poker. Poker is a fantastic game, and a good way to get to know someone.

    What do you fine people say to a regular game meetup? If we could get a group together, it could be a lot of fun.

    'Course we'll have to hammer out the rules, even in the Milky Way not every planet or every casino on the same planet play by the same rules. We'd also have to find a place to meet to play, but I think that will be the easy part. Plenty of tables and chairs around.
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    I wonder what happened to him.
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    Who: Furiosa and You?
    Broadcast: n/a
    Action: First Breath
    When: Today throughout July

    [Someone's back from her coma. It might be hard to tell, because she immediately disappears into her quarters (not hanging around on the bridge, as usual, or working on the battered shuttle).

    One other indication that she's back; she quietly delivers her gift basket - unopened - to the galley. It's yours for the taking. Among the usual items, it also includes candied grubs, a scarf and goggles, and a little toy car. Either she didn't want these items, or more likely she didn't bother to open it in the first place.

    If you want to check you'll have to ask her yourself, which might be easier said than done; after the calibrations themselves, and post-coma grogginess and fatigue, she's not going to make herself available as much as she usually does. You still might be able to catch her when she has to make a trip to the galley, as necessity dictates, or if there are any captain duties that require her attention on the bridge.]